Bravery Mantras

By making the decision to be courageous, you have to be willing to stake your claim and stick to your guns. Having courage can put you in a very isolated place, and doesn’t always make you popular. Courage is as a verb. It’s an ongoing decision. It’s a philosophy of digging into it and pushing forward.

Nothing great is built fast, it takes courage to seed, water and nourish what you believe in until it starts to blossom and bring fruit. 

If you’re doing something with purpose, it takes courage. Building a business which does good is like preparing for a marathon. It’s more than a business, it’s a life decision. You must have the stamina to see it through.

Courage is following your dreams, notwithstanding, just because you believe in them and have guts to proceed.

Courage is being your true self, realize your weaknesses and empowering your strength. Courage is the most important virtue, this is the philosophy of Atelier Bravig.

Are you a courageous person?

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