Bravery Mantras

A good way to define courage could be to accept and love, oneself and one’s neighbour, just as they are – without guile, lies or compromise.
To live courageously would therefore be to claim one’s rights, with respect for others’, and to be ready to defend them, at all costs.
Showing courage can be isolating; the word “courage” would therefore become a verb: an active, strong, profound decision, an almost philosophical choice to analyse life in depth, and to move forward, resolutely.
Building big takes time: it takes courage to sow, water, nurture one’s deep convictions until they take root, flourish and bear fruit.
Setting a specific goal could even become an act of courage. Making the decision to build good is a long-term marathon: more than a risk, a life decision. Success will only come at the cost of great endurance.
Courage permeates everything, even dreams, just because we believe in them. Courage is simply being yourself: accepting strengths and weaknesses, strengthening some and accepting others.
This is the philosophy of Atelier Bravig.