Tree of Life Collection

Atelier Bravig by Kätrin Beljaev

This is a special collection created for Atelier Bravig by jewellery artist Kätrin Beljaev who is residing in Luxembourg.

Her jewels begin from her drawings and are finalized with highest quality materials to a perfect design. Every piece is slightly different, as each of them is handmade and marked with her signature.

The collection is inspired from Luxembourgish forests and fields where you can find remains both of ancient celtic population and contemporary architectural landmarks. These connections between today’s historical ground are connected with a bouncing life circle conceptualized as the tree of life. It symbolizes nature in human lives and the importance of structure and continuity in it.

Those gold necklaces, earrings and rings are playful and modern to wear. Squared gold is delicate with minimal contemporary design, yet shiny, sparkling and catchy. At the same time lightweight and strong, Tree of Life collection is unique and handmade by the artist and available in the Atelier Bravig store in Luxembourg.