The need to belong is primeval. To belong to an era, a geography, a tribe: the group gives us strength and courage to be what we are, deeply.

The universe of Atelier Bravig jewellery is resolutely open and inclusive, welcoming of all who are true and good. Without distinction of gender, colour, faith or credo. In communion with the nature that surrounds and nourishes us, connected to the #BeBravig community, you become an important part of a community that evolves according to everyone’s needs. Support, advice, recommendations, exchange of information and views are welcome in our space.

A community that will support you as long as you need it and ask for it, in order to be the one you are: the activist of your life, the architect of your destiny.


From tradition to audacity

At the heart of a European jewellery tradition, immersed in the history of beauty and jewellery, our artists create.

With absolute respect for the past, Atelier Bravig, a family that is as inclusive as it is disruptive, is reinventing luxury jewellery.

With a profoundly ethical ambition, demonstrating the same respect for the environment and nature as for the individual, the workshop creates jewellery that becomes a second skin. Worn visible or not, luxury lies not in ostentation but, rather, in the attention to the smallest detail: the joy of wearing, every day, a jewel which is simply perfect.

Inspired by an ancient tradition drawn from many cultures then distilled by the audacity of the creators, the Bravig workshop claims a strong identity, where modernity goes hand in hand with softness; successful in an audacious mix of the unique and the tradition: jewels that exalt the human body.

Collections that mix to create a unique beauty, specific to each and every one. Far from imposing a choice, Bravig collections appeal to individualities and thrive on differences. A Bravig jewel gives voice to whoever wears it: it is each unique story that gives the jewel its own personality.

Precision work

All the cogs in the workshop run in subtle harmony. Lapidaries, polishers, goldsmiths, engravers, setters: all practice their unique art.

As if by magic, in perfect harmony under the fine direction of the conductor, little by little, the pieces are born: exceptional, in a unique empathy with the curves of the body, gold, diamonds, precious stones, become unique jewels, revealing pieces of the beauty of a body. Of all bodies.

Our jewels are easy to clean: rinse them, clean them in lukewarm water with mild soap, or use a cleansing lotion. Rub them gently until they are clean. Carefully remove any soap residue (using a soft cloth dampened with clean water, or rinse them under hot water), dry them with a soft, clean cloth and shine them with using a special jewellery fabric.

  • To maintain their shine, you can also polish them with a special jewellery cloth.
  • Make sure your jewels are completely dry before storing.
  • Don’t wear them to bed, or to the gym.
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Jewellery maintenance

Embodying the beauty and elegance specific to each individual, our jewellery is unique pieces of very high quality, made from the strongest materials and the finest 18-karat gold. Taking care of your jewellery will preserve its beauty, shine and longevity.
Bravig only uses top quality materials, and only works with the best masters of French craftsmanship. Our quality control is also exceptional: strict and constant, which guarantees perfect compliance with our quality standards.