Atelier Bravig DNA lies in tight interconnection with the powers of Universe, being integral part of it, accepting yourself as who you are and be brave enough to open yourself to the beauty around notwithstanding social paradigms and inner fears. It’s about being rooted to where you belong.
By purchasing pieces of Atelier Bravig Jewelry you become part of BeBravig Tribe.
It’s a unity of people who love and respect Nature, have kindness in hearts to themselves and people around and are activists of their life, being brave to be active in their thinking to fight what they believe in.

Between tradition and bold jewelry

Not far from “Place de l’Opéra”, in the heart of Paris, our patrners workshop work to create stylishness and audaciousness in the world of jewelry. Filled with femininity and strength, this place, both rustic and soft, reflects the image of the brand, which has both a traditional and contemporary vision of jewelry.

The challenge is there: sublimate the human body, playing between daring and jewelry tradition…

Precision work

In this workshop, like a bandmaster, Atelier Bravig subtly coordinates: lapidaries, polishers, goldsmiths, engravers or setters, working together to bring to life magical pieces, forging gold and setting diamonds and precious stones to reveal all their brightness.

By mastering the know-how, Atelier Bravig discloses exceptional pieces from this collection that fit the shape and flexibility of the body, like a precious garment.

Make sure your jewels are completely dry before storing them in your jewellery box. Our jewels are iconic pieces of high quality, which embody beauty and elegancy. Our unique pieces are made from the strongest materials and with the finest 18k gold. Taking care of your jewellery preserves its beauty, brightness and longevity.

  • Carefully keep your jewellery away from light in their original packaging to avoid friction with other pieces.
  • Take it off before sleeping and during physical activity.
  • Rub your jewellery regularly with a soft cloth.
our collections

Jewellery upkeep

We attach great importance to the choice of materials and their quality. For this reason, we only work with the best French Masters of craftsmanship. We also establish a strict and constant control to guarantee our quality standards. You can easily rinse and clean your jewellery with mild soap or cleansing lotion and warm water. Using a soft cloth, gently rub your jewellery until clean. Remove the rest of the soap with a wet soft cloth soaked in clean water or rinse them under hot water to remove the soap thoroughly then dry them with a clean soft cloth and let them shine using a special jewellery fabric. To maintain the brightness, you can use a special jewellery fabric that help to polish jewellery.