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Current trends in diamond jewelry

It was in India that diamonds were first discovered thousands of years ago. This stone was considered a powerful object possessing many supernatural abilities. 

The diamond was at its peak during the 70s and 80s which made this precious stone a rare and prized object. 

Diamonds have since become timeless in the field of fine jewelry and this trend continues to span centuries and generations  .

In 2023, certain diamond trends are to be adopted such as vintage, diamond chokers, colored precious stones. We are also seeing the return of the pear shape or the emerald cut for an engagement ring. The solitaire remains timeless in terms of diamond engagement rings.

II. The Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Les formes de diamant | ATELIER BRAVIG

Diamonds have several shapes: round, princess, cushion… each shape is unique and has its own characteristics. A square or rectangular princess-cut diamond has meticulously carved angles. The pear shape, for its part, is a mix between the round and the marquise shape is in high demand for a ring or a necklace. The pear shape is trendy again and adopted by many women. 

The cushion shape has numerous facets which give an even more precious appearance to the diamond. 

An oval or pear shape lengthens the appearance of the finger. A round diamond will look perfect on hands with thin and long fingers.

Slender and long fingers fit all ring shapes, particularly princess or even square. If you have small hands, the trend for the shape of your ring will be princess or oval. 

Emerald is also a trend that is coming back into fashion a lot and is suitable for long and thin fingers. 

The choice of your ring will depend on the size and shape that suits your fingers. Your personal taste will also impact your decision. 

III. The most popular diamond sizes

Les tailles de diamant | ATELIER BRAVIG

The size of the diamond is a crucial criterion when choosing a diamond. Small, medium or large, diamonds offer endless choices depending on your preference. 

Average diamond sizes are all the rage. Indeed, the medium size is perfect when you are hesitating between a large or a small diamond. 

Once again, the size of the diamond will depend on your personal tastes and preferences but it will also depend on the budget that you are willing to allocate: the price of a diamond is calculated per carat . So, the larger the size of the diamond, the more the price will increase. In addition to size, quality and weight are also decisive. 

IV. The most popular diamond colors

Les couleurs de diamant | ATELIER BRAVIG

Colored diamonds owe their appearance to trace elements present in some of them which give them a different appearance from a white diamond. Pink, yellow, green or even blue, today there are a multitude of diamond colors.  

Some stand out more than others: yellow, green, blue, red and pink are the most desired . This desire is notably due to their rarity and their higher price. 

As a precious stone, the blue diamond color is one of the most trendy this year for its dazzling shine and hardness which makes this stone one of the rarest in the world. 

The pink diamond or “pink star” is like the blue diamond, very envied and therefore trendy. As a fashion gem, the red diamond is one of the most precious and expensive diamonds in the world.

The latest trend is the yellow or “fancy yellow” diamond. The popularity of this “fire diamond” continues to increase and attracts everyone’s attention.  

The best color of a diamond is above all a subjective criterion, the choice of which also depends on the price of the latter. 

V. Frame trends

The setting of your ring is a matter of personal taste but not only that. The choice of your setting will depend on its practicality but above all on the size of your diamond. Indeed, the setting must have the necessary proportions to accommodate your diamond . 

For this year, the trends in terms of settings are the prong setting, the halo setting and the timeless solitaire. 

The prong setting is the most popular setting and is suitable for both a ring and other jewelry. 

The halo setting is also on the list of trends this year. This technique consists of adorning the outline of the setting with diamonds and gives the illusion of enlarging the size of the central diamond. In the same way as the prong setting, it is suitable for other types of jewelry. 

Finally, the solitaire is still the big favorite of 2023, it makes the ring always elegant and chic and also brings more sobriety than the halo effect.  

VI. Trends in luxury diamond jewelry

Trends in luxury jewelry have evolved even if certain practices remain. Fine jewelry continues to develop and bring new things that influence everyone’s choice and tastes. 

This year, diamond choker trends, vintage pieces and even luxury body chains are in the spotlight. Pear-shaped rings are making a comeback while certain key pieces remain eternal like the solitaire ring. 

Platinum and silver are the most fashionable materials for your jewelry. The choice of each element is also made according to your tastes and the outfits to accessorize.

You will have understood, this year’s trend for an engagement ring is the pear shape or the simple square solitaire. A colored diamond will bring even more prestige to your jewelry.

For your other jewelry, the pear is once again trendy for beautiful earrings or for a necklace. 

Why not be daring by combining different shapes and colors of diamonds for your outfits!