A story about Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the presence of love.  Many of us equate courage with fearlessness.  The entire concept of courage doesn’t exist without fear. The stronger the fear is, the more courageous is the act.

Courage isn’t something that should be compared.  Someone’s fear of height may sound silly to you. Yet, if a person who has this fear overcomes it in order to achieve a goal, then that, by definition, is courage.  Sometimes, simply telling the truth takes courage.

Fear does not swipe away completely.  This love referenced is a love of prioritized actions. It’s an active love that fights for those who fear their oppressors.  It’s not always a pleasant feeling. In the moment of courage, we prioritize the love we have for another human being over protecting ourselves and our selfish interests. We can use the obstacle of fear, the sensation of fight or flight, and transfer that adrenaline from self-preservation into active affection, lending a hand to whoever is in need. That love sees obstacles as advantages. That love is a love of service and activism. That love is courage.

Do you agree?

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