A story about Alexandrina, or bravery is when you live your everyday life at your best

Alexandrina who did the first campaign for Atelier Bravig was born in Moldavia in 1993. Her mom was from an ordinary family with an average income. She dedicated her life to give the best that she could possibly afford to her daughter. When Alexandrina was little, the family of two moved to the capital of Modavia, Chișinău and all the money that the woman had was spent for the best school in town and for the dancing classes, making an economy on clothing and foods.  Not even once in her childhood did Alexandrina have any vacations or a spare day as she was in a constant preparation for a dancing future, it was a lot of everyday effort in ballroom dances always accompanied by her mom.

When Alexandrina was 14, she was spotted by a booker in the local model agency and when she turned 15 she was already modelling in New York, accompanied by her mom as well. Together, they travelled the entire globe for Alex’s modelling career – New York, Japan, Milan, London, everywhere where she could possibly work as a model. She was not paid before she was 16 (as soon as she turned 16 she received her money she gained).

Alexandrina travelled alone after she turned 17, almost nonstop. She lived in NY for about 2 years, has been in Asia, both China and Japan to test modelling world over there, but didn’t like the mentality and got back to Europe.

The breakthrough in her modelling career happened when Alexandrina did a campaign for Alien perfumes by Thierry Mugler and she earned enough to stay in Paris for some time.

Although it is difficult to earn money in Paris for a model, Alexandrina was very much wanting to stay there to study French and to add a little bit of a French chic. Meanwhile in Paris, Alexandrina started her career as an actress, she got her first role and got introduced to a film agent. Alexandrina appears in an episodic roles in the series like Emily in Paris on Netflix and others. She worked hard to get a proper French accent, as well as the English one. Actually she speaks 6 languages fluent. During the lockdown there was not much work for Alexandrina in Paris and she decided to move to the States, thinking it might be better for her acting career in LA as there are a lot of commercial work.  It was not meant to happen though. Having stayed in Paris, Alexandrina started to work as a translator for French police using all her language skills. That was a fascinating experience!

Secrets of life?

  1. Character first 2) do what you like and know do, improve constantly and  enjoy it to the full.

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