Alexandrina: a story of daily courage, a life lived to the fullest.

Alexandrina, the star of the very first Atelier Bravig campaign, was born in Moldova in 1993 into an “ordinary” and modest family; her mother determined to give her as many opportunities as possible. When she was a child, the family moved to the capital, Chișinău. Her family made many sacrifices so that she could attend the best school in town and take dance lessons. Neither holidays nor free time for this child: she was constantly in rehearsals, always accompanied by her mother, working daily towards a career in classical dance.
At 14, Alexandrina was spotted by a local modelling agency; at 15, she was working in New York – and always, her mother tagged along. Together, they would travel the world: Japan, Milan, London… only starting to earn her own money from the age of 16. Alexandrina started traveling alone when she was 17: landing in New York for 2 years, she visited Asia, China, Japan, testing the different worlds of modelling. However, she found she could not like the culture and decided to return to Europe.
Alexandrina first got noticed in a campaign for Thierry Mugler’s perfume “Alien”; her fee for this job allowed her to settle in Paris for a time.
Despite the harshness of the industry in Paris, Alexandrina was determined to stay in the French capital and study the language, hoping to acquire a bit of “French chic”. She was lucky enough to start acting there, appearing in several episodes of Netflix series “Emily in Paris”, working hard to acquire good French and English accents. Today, she is fluent in 6 languages.
The years of the recent pandemic meant no work, and Alexandrina decided to move to Los Angeles, a city where, she hoped, she would be offered more opportunities – especially in advertising, a springboard for her acting career.
But it was not to be, and Alexandrina put her language skills to good use, working as a translator for the police: a fascinating experience, a new string to her bow.
The secrets of a full life?

  • Character, above all else
  • Do what you love and know how to do. Constantly improve. Make the most of what life has gifted you.