A piercing is a way to express your personal style. It can help you feel more confident and stand out from the crowd.

We offer a variety of piercing services, including ear, nose, tongue, navel and nipple piercings.

  • 1. Lobe : 30.00 €
  • 2. Hélix : 50.00 €
  • 3. Conch : 50.00 €
  • 4. Daith : 60.00 €
  • 5. Tragus : 60.00 €
  • 6. Anti-hélix : 60.00 €
  • 7. Nez : 50.00 €

* Needle piercing, by appointment.


We offer a wide range of piercings, including ear, nose, lip piercings. If you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

Pain varies from person to person, but most piercings are accompanied by mild pain for a few seconds. Our experienced team will work to minimize discomfort and provide you with post-piercing care instructions to ensure smooth healing.

We use high quality materials such as gold and titan

Healing time depends on the type of piercing and your ability to follow proper care. In general, most piercings take a few weeks to a few months to fully heal. We will provide you with detailed post-piercing care instructions to speed up the process.

The safety of our customers is our top priority. We follow strict hygiene and sterilization protocols. Our piercers use sterile, single-use equipment and thoroughly disinfect all surfaces and tools between each client to prevent any infections or complications.

Yes you can bring your own jewelry.

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